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We have sold to little girls who are going to be flower girls up to ladies celebrating their 80th and wanting something extra special. Silver doesn’t clash with anything, even if you own a few gold pieces you would still like to wear, we have noticed a growing trend in wearing the two metals together. Another thing to bring to your attention when it comes to silver jewellery is that it is timeless. Gold very much follows trends
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Stingray City is located in the Cayman Islands on a natural sandbar in the North sound. Over the past decades the spot has become a main attraction for tourist visiting by cruise ship. Stingray City in the Cayman Islands is the only natural stingray city in the world. Other locations such as the Bahamas, Jamaica and Antigua were all created years after the Cayman Islands. No matter if you live next to the ocean or miles away, we recommend taking advantage of this once in a life time adventure. We are listed as the top company offering service in the Cayman Islands to Stingray City sandbar and Starfish Point (www.stingraycitycaymanislands.com). Prior to arriving in the Cayman Islands, you can arrange a trip with us by submitting a few short details such as ship name or resort details, date of tour, departure time, and you're all set! We’ll do the rest and ensure you have a wonderful time. Stingray City Cayman Islands is located on the main port terminal in the Cayman Islands, and does provide free shuttle to vessel station and back from local resorts and the Royal Watler Port Terminal.
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